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Welcome to the 1632-Wiki

The Subject
In April of the year 2000, a six-mile sphere centered on the small fictional town of Grantville, West Virginia was sent to the past in central Germany in the year 1631, during the Thirty Years' War. The inhabitants of Grantville decided to start the American revolution early; the nobility of Europe were not amused.

This novel, called 1632, created a collective collaborative effort, a shared universe, where everyone was invited to participate. Since its inception in 1999, the series spawned 12 published novels & 8 published anthologies so far, counting in more than 6.5 Million words in total. Apart from that, there is a bi-monthly electronic magazine, the Grantville Gazette, which publishes stories written by fans and set on the 1632-verse.

New to the Series?
Does the premise of the series intrigue you? Do you want to learn more?

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Want more info?
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The Wiki
This wiki is dedicated to developments in the fictional world of the books called "The 1632 Series" (also known as the 1632-verse or Ring of Fire series), an alternate history book series created by Eric Flint and published by Baen Books.
Why is a registration necessary?
The 1632 series is an alternative history series. That means that the information provided is a mixture of historical and fictional facts.

Unless explicitly marked as historical, all the information in this wiki is fictional and ONLY APPLICABLE within the 1632-verse.

So to not puzzle the normal Internet user, the information mustn't show up in normal search engines. For that reason, this wiki requires you to create an account.

You need only a user name and a password, nothing else.
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Do you want to write an article?
The normal wiki rules apply.

At the moment we are gathering topics and information. Currently there are 995 articles in the wiki and more are (hopefully) added each day.

While only developments described in the novels, the anthologies and in the Grantville Gazette are considered canonical, this wiki is targeted to be a fast reference for authors and readers. If you discover any differences between facts in this wiki or in one of the aforementioned publications, the latter ones are always considered the Ultimate Truth (TM). Go ahead and change the wiki article; add a reference to the publication.

You can either

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  • If you think there should be an article about <insert your private pet topic here>, go ahead. Enter the title in the search box, click on "Go" and then click on "create new page".

BUT, before you proceed, Please look into Note to potential authors for more information.

Getting Help
Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

If you have questions, write a mail to 1632wiki.

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